Commercial Furniture Project

Turnkey services for all commercial furniture needs

McKenzie Galleries & Commercial served as the single contact for multiple commercial furniture projects to consolidate multi-vendors, from specifying and customizing to sourcing and procuring, to tracking and installing a finished furnishings project.

We worked as the single contact for a Banking Institution in Houston. The project involved 14 vendors, including the manufacturers, upholsterers, shipping, installation, and billing. We consolidated all of these on behalf of the customer, and we were able to save them 35%, and cut time to delivery and install time by 5 weeks.

Also we helped another bank with design , specification, procurement and installation of six branches. Done in a sophisticated western theme.

For another commercial office project we provided high end contemporary office furniture with exotic wood, and leather. Designed for the CEO, CFO, and sales department.

Commercial Furniture Project Photo Gallery